11 June, 2024

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[100+] Shiv Parvati Images, Photo, Pic, Wallpaper, DP

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This is how Lord Shiva Tested Mother Parvati

According to mythology, many people pleased God by doing hard penance to fulfill their wishes and they also got the fruits of their hard penance. One such name is Mata Parvati. She is a form of Shakti. Sati was born again as Mata Parvati. Let us know how Lord Shiva tested her.

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is called Mahadev, the God of Gods. Also, it is considered easy to please him, so he is also called Bholenath. But Mata Sati and later her second form Mata Parvati did hard penance to please Lord Shiva. Let us know how Mata Parvati pleased Lord Shiva with hard penance.

Who is The First Wife

Mata Sati is the first wife of Lord Shiva. She was the daughter of Prajapati Daksha. King Daksha pleased Goddess Bhagwati with his penance, after which Mata Bhagwati was born in his house as Sati. Being the form of Goddess Bhagwati, Sati was the most divine among all the daughters of Daksha. She was immersed in devotion to Lord Shiva since childhood. Sati worshipped Lord Shiva with a true heart to get him as her husband. She got the fruit of this and got Shiva as her husband.

Sati Sacrificed Her Life

But King Daksha did not consider him a suitable groom for his daughter. Going against Father Daksha, Mata Sati married Lord Shiva. Due to hatred, Daksha did not invite Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati to the yagya and also insulted Lord Shiva, due to which Mata Sati sacrificed her life at the yagya site.

How Was Mata Parvati Born?

While sacrificing her body, Mata Sati resolved that she would take birth at the place of King Himalaya and become the better half of Shankar Ji. On the other hand, after Mata Sati sacrificed her life, Lord Shiva always kept remembering her. After this, Mata Sati was born in the womb of Menaka, the wife of Parvataraja Himalaya. Being the daughter of Parvatraj, she was called 'Parvati'. Parvati went to the forest to do penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. After several years of strict fasting and severe penance, Lord Shiva agreed to marry her.

This is How He Tested Mother Parvati

During the penance, Lord Shankar wanted to test Parvati. He sent the Saptarishis to Parvati to test her. They went to Parvati and tried to explain to her that Shiv Ji was a wild, inauspicious person with matted hair and was not a suitable groom for you. You can never be happy by marrying him. Also, they asked Mother Parvati to give up meditation. But Parvati remained firm in her thoughts. Seeing her determination, the Saptarishis were very happy and returned to Shiva after blessing her to get her wish fulfilled. Due to Parvati's firm determination, she got Mahadev as her husband.

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