10 July, 2024

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Hello friends, welcome to our website Mixing Images. My name is Vikas Yadav. Friends, today's post is going to be very special. In today's post, we are going to talk about - Cool Wallpapers For Phone, Cool Wallpapers For Phone 4K, Cool Wallpapers For Phone 8K, Cool Wallpapers For Phone 16K, Cool Wallpapers For Phone HD, Preppy Wallpaper, Cool Wallpapers For Phone Full HD. So let's start today's post.

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According To Vastu Shastra, Do Not Make These Pictures The Wallpaper Of Your Phone

There is hardly anyone today who does not need a mobile. Every person has a different mobile phone. We all install apps and games of our choice on our mobile phones. Mobile phones are a personal thing for everyone, so people use ringtones and wallpapers of their choice.

When it comes to wallpaper, we put family, nature, or pictures of our choice in it. Wallpaper is very important because whenever we look at our phones, the first thing we see is the wallpaper.

But do you know that the wallpaper of the mobile affects not only your phone but also your life? Many wallpapers should not be used on mobile phones. So let us know in this article today what kind of wallpaper you should not use on your phone -

Avoid God's Picture

Usually, it is seen that people put wallpaper of God or their deity on their mobile phones. They think that it is very good. Whereas in reality, you should not do this.

Actually, we use different types of hands-on mobile phones. We even touch mobile phones with dirty and unclean hands. Not only this, some people even use the phone in the toilet. Therefore, it is not good to put a picture of God as wallpaper.

Avoid Pictures Of Ancestors

Most people have this habit of putting pictures of their dead relatives or ancestors as wallpaper on their mobile phones. However, this should not be done either. When you put dirty hands on your phone, then putting pictures of ancestors can cause you Pitra Dosh. Not only this but when you see their pictures again and again, it makes you sad and increases your negativity.

Do Not Put A Picture Of A Dry Tree

Some people put pictures of thorns, bushes, and dry trees on their phones. But you should also avoid using such pictures as wallpaper. Such pictures create negativity in the mind and due to this you do not feel like talking. You may also get negative calls on your phone.

Avoid Fire Scenes

Many times people use fire scenes or storm scenes etc. as their mobile wallpapers. But such disturbing scenes should not be used as mobile phone wallpapers. This can also create negativity in the mind.

The Design Should Not Be Abstract

Some people like to put trendy designs on their mobile phone wallpapers. There is no harm in doing so. But you should keep in mind that do not choose abstract designs as your mobile wallpaper. If you want to use some trendy wallpaper, then you can select geometric designs.

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