27 June, 2024

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True Radha Krishna Love Story

Wherever you look these days, love is the talk of the town. Lovers and husbands and wives always talk about love and what to say about today's young boys and girls! I Love You is a very common word in their alphabet. The physical attraction that the young men and women, attracted by films and Western culture, consider as love and keep flying in the storm of lust, can it really match the most sacred word like love?

Isn't it an insult to a divine and godly feeling like love, to cross the limits and destroy one's modesty while indulging in momentary pleasure? This ancient story is a very beautiful example of the high and great dignity of love, where the lover wishes only for the welfare of his beloved from the heart and is ready to suffer for thousands of years to remove her pain. Of course, this love is not worldly, it is supernatural, which is possible only between great souls.

This episode is a part of a Puranic story written by Maharishi Vyas. This time Narad had come to earth after a long time and that too out of compulsion, because he had to know the secret, due to which Radha's indescribable love was being praised in all the three worlds. To date he considered himself to be the greatest devotee of God, but today the praise of Radha being sung everywhere was disturbing his heart.

Here in Dwarika also all the queens were arrogant in their hearts that they loved God the most. Today God decided to break the arrogance of all of them together because pride distances the devotee from God. Devrishi Narad came to Lord Krishna's palace in a sad state. Going there he saw that God was writhing in unbearable pain of headache and all the queens were standing around him and serving him.

Seeing his condition, Narada forgot his question and became anxious to know the remedy for that pain from God. God said – “Narad, there is definitely a remedy, but it does not seem possible.” Narada said – “Prabhu! If you tell me, I am ready to give up my life.” Seeing his ardent desire, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna said – “Devarshi! If any of my devotees give me his Charanodak to drink, then this terrible pain of fever can be relieved, otherwise there is no way to get rid of it.

On hearing this from God, Narada became disheartened, he fell into a dilemma. He started thinking in his mind – “Devtaarshi of a devotee in God’s mouth! How is this possible? No, no! I will not do this vile deed.” Seeing him silent, Lord Krishna said, “Devarshi! You are also my devotee! Why don’t you give me your Charanodak to drink?” Hearing God’s words, Narada folded his hands and said – No Prabhu, I can gladly give up my life.

But I cannot commit this grave sin of offering my Charanodak. Please forgive me.” Then the Lord asked Rukmini to give her Charanodak, and she replied – “No Swami! I am your wife. My place is at your feet. How can I commit the grave sin of offering you my Charanodak?” When Rukmini also refused, the Lord told Satyabhama. Satyabhama also replied in this way – “No Lord! You can take my life, I will happily give it up.

But I do not dare to offer my Charanodak, because the scriptures say that such a wife has to suffer the tortures of hell for thousands of years.” When Satyabhama also refused to give her Charanodak, the Lord requested Jambavati, Kalindi, and other queens to give their Charanodak, but everyone refused due to the fear of going to hell. Then the Lord sent Narada to bring Charanodak to Radha. Going there, Narada requested Vrishbhanu Nandini to give him her Charanodak.

As soon as Radha heard about Shri Krishna's pain, she immediately brought a vessel filled with water and after dipping her feet in it, gave the vessel to Devarshi. Narada was stunned to see this. He thought that perhaps Radha did not know how big a sin she was committing. So, to warn her, he said to Radha - "Devi, do you know what will be the result of giving your Charanodak to God! You will go to Raurava hell because of this!"

Radha replied with a choked voice - "Devarshi! I know that due to this sin, I will go to Raurava hell, but for the happiness of my beloved, I am ready to suffer the torture of hell for thousands of ages. Krishna is my everything. Now do not delay and go to Dwarka immediately." Narada saluted Radha's indescribable love and came to God. As soon as the Lord drank the Charanodak, his pain went away. Then the Lord asked Narada about the entire incident.

Narad narrated everything as it had happened. After listening to him, the Lord said intending to make everyone understand – “Now you all must have understood why Radha's divine love is being sung everywhere. Hearing his words, Narada and all the queens bowed their heads in shame and they too bowed down to Radha in their hearts.

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