14 May, 2024

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Taylor Swift Wallpaper

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Aesthetic Taylor Swift Wallpapers

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Taylor Swift Wallpapers

Taylor Swift: The Story Of The World's Biggest Pop Star

This is the story of a dancing pop star holding a guitar in her hand. This is the story of a countryside girl. From the day the world came to know her name, she kept doing the magic of creating something new, something different in every changing month of the calendar, and keeping the fans crazy without reading the mantra. This is the story of Taylor Swift.

Who is Swift?

Name Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania, America. Father was a financial advisor and mother was a homemaker (earlier mother was a mutual fund marketing executive). Growing up, Taylor has music, power, and desire in her life. It is a star-like world made of immense love and fans from the people. Spent his early childhood years with his parents on a Christmas tree farm. This Christmas tree farm is inspired by a real-life song. At the age of 9, she started taking vocal and acting lessons in New York City and later, inspired by Shania Twain and Faith Hill, decided to learn music. Technology also helped me when at the age of 12, I learned to play guitar from a computer repairman.

His early education took place at Alvernia Montessori School in Pennsylvania. Later completed his studies from Wyomissing Area Junior/Senior High School. He started writing songs on his own since childhood. Wrote my first song in class 9. Taylor's mother says that she named her daughter after her favorite artist James Taylor. However, there is a catch in this – this name is gender-neutral. Taylor's mother believed since childhood that her daughter would one day pursue a business career. Seeing Taylor's love for music, his family shifted to Nashville.

How Crazy Are Taylor Swift's Fans?

The world thinks that Taylor's fans only include girls, but if statistics and news are to be believed, in real life, 48% of her fan following consists of boys. 54% of Taylor's fans believe in buying physical copies of songs i.e. CDs and cassettes even in the 21st century. The madness is so much that one writes Swifty in one's own bio. Model yourself after Taylor Swift. Doesn't listen to a word against his favorite artist and only listens to Lover's song in his Airpods. They answer questions with songs and call Taylor a goddess when asked questions.

Why is Taylor A Modern Diana Or Goddess?

Taylor Swift is considered by her fans as modern-day Diana. In Roman mythology, Diana is the goddess of the hunt, the woods, and sovereignty. Free from the thorn of society, she roams in the forests with her bow and arrow. Like Diana, Taylor Swift also became synonymous with freedom. Taylor always believed in choosing her own path for her career in a male-dominated society.

Taylor's fans see her as a modern-day goddess, a fact often repeated. He says Taylor is not afraid to speak her mind, be it music or her public statements. Her commitment to always standing up for herself and others has made Taylor everyone's favorite. And because of all these qualities, Taylor is a modern-day role model for her fans, especially girls.

The Author of Elizabethellames Writes in One of Her Articles - In Taylor, we see a talented musician as well as a symbol of girlhood and empowerment. She inspires many people with her music and action. Her ability to always speak the truth, her desire to fulfill her dreams, and her independence always make her like Goddess Diana.

Stage And Taylor

It is said that Taylor's madness is such that as far as the eye can see from the top of the stage, you can see only fans. Although Taylor loves the stage a lot, many incidents have happened during her time on the stage, which have remained the topic of discussion on social media. For example, during the Eras Tour, there was some malfunction in the stage mechanism, due to which Taylor had to run off the stage in her high heels.

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