05 January, 2024

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Nowadays there is a big craze for anime among the youth. In schools and colleges, children keep talking about this in groups. The one who watches the new anime first is considered 'cool' by the rest. Anime has gained global popularity over the years. According to a report released in December 2024, about 100 crore people all over the world like to watch anime. So what is this anime after all? And what is the secret of its popularity?

What is Anime?

The word 'anime' comes from Japan - which means animation. Now you will think what do the youth have to do with the world of cartoons? But, these cartoons have made such an impact on the mentality of the youth that if someone calls anime a cartoon in front of them, they get upset. Because according to them, anime is different from cartoon series. These series are often based on 'manga' (short novels) written by Japanese authors. Although Japanese animation has been airing since the 1920s, a new category of anime has become popular for a few years, which is called 'Shonen'. Such anime series are mainly made keeping in mind the interest of young viewers. Like web series, they also have seasons and episodes, which can be watched through OTT platforms. Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece, Naruto, Death Note, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Punch Man, etc. are counted in the list of famous anime.

What Is The Secret Of Anime's Popularity?

In Japan alone, the annual business of anime is worth 19 billion dollars (1900 crores). Due to its popularity, there are many OTT platforms where only anime is available. The anime series named 'Naruto' has all seasons consisting of 822 episodes, which have been watched by many youngsters within a few months of binge-watching. Companies selling products related to anime series and characters like T-shirts, masks, stickers, etc. are also earning huge profits. It has now become the primary source of entertainment for regular anime viewers. Let us know what are the main reasons for such popularity of anime.

1. Variety Of Subjects: The wide range of genres of anime is the biggest reason for their popularity. Everyone can enjoy their own style of anime. Romance, comedy, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, horror, etc. are some of the many genres explored by anime plots. So you can start from any interesting area keeping in mind your choice. The story of the anime series is made in such a way that it can provide entertainment to audiences of all ages. It can be said that anime is an industry like Bollywood and Hollywood, in which content is created and served on all types of subjects.

2. Characters Related To Real Life: Although anime is a cartoon series, its characters are related to real life to a great extent. Not just limited to laughter and happiness, they also talk openly on many topics like depression, mental weakness, difficulty in setting goals in life, etc. The younger generation has started connecting the themes and characters of anime with their real life. The best thing about anime is that the characters in its stories are very well created, and watching the audience starts feeling connected to them. This connection also motivates them to go to the end of the story. The story as well as the characters' characters are showcased well with impressive dialogues and visuals. Also, every anime has some life value hidden within itself. It also shows the personality traits of the characters, which the producers of TV or OTT series ignore. All these qualities of anime characters come together to give them a more realistic look.

3. Very Impressive Animation And Background Music: The main responsibility of the visual element is to captivate someone in a moment, which is done very effectively by the anime creators. With everything being animated, keeping the youth engaged is a challenging task. But, with the help of imaginative expression and creativity, every story is displayed very beautifully. From the use of color and shading to the detail and clarity, everything is created with such care and thought that you feel as if you are a character in the story. By using many high-quality graphics, the action and horror scenes are made so amazing that the audience cannot even move from their place. In this way, people watching anime watch several episodes in one go.

The background music of the anime works to enhance the visual effects, which keeps the audience connected to the story and characters. It's quite mysterious and almost miraculous how anime music can transform something into a powerful echo of emotion.

4. Community That Accepts Change: The most special thing about the anime series is that the group of its producers has very progressive thinking, which creates content keeping in mind the changes happening around the world in the field of entertainment. Given that anime drives creativity, its group is also filled with tremendous talent and potential. Anime conventions provide great platforms for skilled artists, musicians, writers, costume designers, photographers, videographers, and other creators who want to work towards presenting their work through anime. The group has also led to the rise of a YouTube creators sub-category called 'AniTubers' who create anime-related content.

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