20 January, 2024

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Good Night Photo

Good Night Photo

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Beautiful Good Night Photo

Beautiful Good Night Photo

Beautiful Good Night Photo

Beautiful Good Night Photo

Beautiful Good Night Photo

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Good Night Photo Download

Good Night Photo Download

Good Night Photo Download

Good Night Photo Download

Bedtime Story For Girlfriend

A single glance of her made John crazy, she looked beautiful in the rain, soaked in the rain, the water of the rain made her wet from head to toe, her hair wrapped around her cheeks to make anyone crazy It was enough, today all the Apsaras were really absorbed in one idol. Seen many faces before today, but no one had seen so much pain.

Really wanted to thank you today. That road light, by whose grace he was able to be seen. She was upset that her scooty was not starting. It was enough to do, the mind was also thanking this rain, due to which the darshan of heaven was happening on the ground today, everyone stayed in the rain, I felt like getting wet today, due to which today I was able to see this beautiful moment, and it is said that sometimes you should do your mind too, I said - "I will do some help"

She looked back and saw that she did not even care that someone was showing her this amazing beauty for a long time, she was busy in starting her scooty.

She moved a little away, I gave a kick and the scooty started.

he said you are mechanic

Where did I not, even in a very hurry, sometimes the car does not start, she sat on the scooty, extended her hand

"My name is Angel"

Me - John (I didn't feel like leaving her hand but didn't want to be a zero from a hero, that's why she left Angel's soft hands, said the boy, and left I kept looking at her as far as she saw me)

Sleep was missing from my eyes, I was just thinking that how will I meet this Angel again, will I ever be seen again or not, that beautiful pink face, those soft hands will ever touch.

At a marriage party, everyone was having fun, some children were dancing to the tunes of the DJ, and some women were laughing among themselves, I was waiting for my friend whose brother had come to the marriage party because he doesn't know anyone That's why it seemed like a boring party. John came out of the hotel after a long time, came near the parking lot, and called his friend Rock again.

John - Where have you spoken for five minutes and now half an hour has passed?

Rock - Wait for a little while I'll come now.

John was walking outside the same hotel that after some time on a scooty the same beautiful girl Angel probably came inside with her mother and went to park the car in the parking lot.

John - (started thinking in his mind) I have seen the woman sitting behind the scooty somewhere.

(But she could not remember, both of them parked the car after some time. John, as soon as he saw them again remembered that she is Mrs. Emma.

Prayers are accepted so quickly, I had never thought that the person who was seen in the rain yesterday, remembering that he kept changing his side throughout the night, he was in front of me yesterday, as beautiful as he looked in the rain, even today his beauty is shining. Me, the only difference was that because of the rain, the silky bouffant that was sticking to her cheeks was waving in the air and kissing her cheeks today.,

"God has plucked your beauty with a lot of leisure, I wish my name was written on your palms, God has "

Emma Ji - how are you John (Emma Ji recognized John)

John - ok, how are you?

Emma Ji - I am fine, you are waiting for someone.

John - Rock's

Emma Ji - ok ok, right now, aren't you

Mr. John

Emma Ji - So meet, don't go without meeting

(Emma Ji was talking as if she had known her for years)

Angel and John.

John - I am fine.

Emma - How do you know John?

Angel - It was told that last night, the scooty was not starting in the rain, so John.

Emma - So he was John, Rock's friend, I met him at Rock's birthday party, he is a very nice boy, left me at home that day.

Angel - what do you remember, you remember the person you met six months ago?

While talking, both of them reached inside the hotel and there they met Mrs. Chadha and her two daughters.

Here Rock also reached the hotel in fifteen minutes.

With his elder brother and sister-in-law new couple

Rock - and brother John, this is our sister-in-law, how is it?

(Rock was very happy with his newlywed sister-in-law)

John - very beautiful

Rock - Our sister-in-law does not understand Hindi speaking in English, why sister-in-law

Rock did not look at their sister-in-law knew that sister-in-law must be staring at her, sister-in-law had PhD in English

John - Very beautiful, teach Hindi brother because my English is not very good.

They proceeded with laughter, everyone was eager to meet the new couple, the children were very happy to meet the bride, Rock also introduced John to the rest of his friends, and everyone was enjoying the party.

John was talking to someone on the phone, he felt that someone was standing behind him, John hung up the phone. John's eyes were looking at the Angel.


John was standing like a statue, the Angel called again - John was still looking at him as if Angel's voice was not reaching his ears, even after giving three or four voices, when he remained like this, then this The bar Angel took her hand and shook her completely.

Where have you lost Angel - John?

John - (a little confused) nowhere

Angel- "John has called John four or five times, you are standing in front, you are not saying anything, where are you lost"

John - (how to say that in your dreams)

Angel - fine

John - Scooty did not stop in the middle

Angel - No, thanks for yesterday, I was starting for half an hour, it was not even starting.

John - Ek Baat Kahoon (John's courage was increasing due to the fairy's friendly words)

Angel - speak

John - You are looking very beautiful

Angel - (smiling) Thank you

John - I did not think that you will meet like this, then you will come and talk to me like this, now when you stood in front of me, I thought this is my imagination, I was watching you,

Angel was very happy to hear her praise

Angel - And yesterday, I noticed that yesterday also you were watching very carefully, you stopped to help me or else...

John - had stopped for help but could not stop me from showing your beauty, you were looking very beautiful in the rain.

Angel - I was upset in the rain, was getting wet for half an hour and you were enjoying there (showing false anger)

John - Don't get it wrong, your attention was not on me, after seeing you, no one would keep looking at you, then what are you?

John - There will be hardly anyone like you in the whole universe

Angel - not much happening

John - no (now both had become friends, now there was no fear of anything),

John - kept remembering you all night long.

Both were so lost in their talk that they did not pay attention to anyone, even Angel had given heart to John at once.

When Emma Ji's call came, before Angel left, both of them took each other's phone numbers and promised to get another one.

From the eyes Emma, John kept looking at the Angel, the party was towards the end, people started leaving after meeting each other, now John was also thinking that the voice came from behind, John looked back and saw Emma Ji was with her Angel.

Emma Ji - John ate food

Mr. John"

Emma - "The whole party is over, you have not met, I found you but you did not see,

John - I also wanted to meet but you did not see so many people (he was lying, he was with the Angel)

Emma Ji - come home sometime

John - will come

Emma Ji- Tomorrow is Sunday, come tomorrow, I will wait for you tomorrow (Emma Ji gave her number and took her number too)

John and Angel had different smiles on their faces and were glad to meet again yesterday.

Now, the process of meeting both of them has started, it is said that friends, the secrets of love, do not hide, Emma also got the news of their relationship, but what was to happen, Emma already liked John, She was also very happy today to have her as her son-in-law.

Friends, a rainy night had united two hearts forever and ever.

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