14 May, 2022

How to write a good essay for college?

How to write a good essay for college?

How to write a good essay for college
How to write a good essay for college

The best way to learn anything is by practicing it as much as possible. When it comes to academic writing there is no exception here. So, don’t waste your time on the theory of perfect writing and get to work. In this article, we will describe all the different and fun ways you can practice your writing skills. If you still find it very difficult, you can pay for essays online. Numerous qualified writers will be glad to assist you. 

Where to practice writing in English

Do you want to write well? Practice as often as you can.

Practice is the key to success in anything, so if you want to have good writing, write every day. It doesn't matter if it's a long essay, a letter to a friend, or just a comment on a website, the main thing is to constantly improve your skill.

If you are studying English with a teacher, he or she will offer you different kinds of writing activities that you can do to develop your writing skill. And for people who are learning English on their own, we want to offer some useful ideas on where to practice writing:

1. Find your pen pals

Use popular pen pal sites like InterPals or PenPal World. You can find a foreign friend there. You can learn many useful words and phrases by correspondence. If you don't like chatting with strangers, look for an English lover among your friends. Perhaps someone will gladly agree to correspond on WhatsApp or Facebook in English.

2. Write essays on various websites

Adults often think that writing essays are a task for schoolchildren, but if you are going to take an exam in the future, you should not neglect this activity. In addition, writing an essay will teach you to properly structure and logically state your thoughts, because the essay has a clear plan. Do you want to try to state your thoughts in essay format? Use the resources ReadWriteThink or The Easy Essay, which have clear instructions on how to write each mini-section of an essay. That is, you write essays step-by-step, practicing writing essays of the right length and structure.

3. Take writing instruction courses.

You can find free online courses online that teach you how to write beautifully and competently in English. And some of them can even test your work. You can find such courses on learning sites, just by googling them. 

4. Communicate in English-speaking forums

Are you into boxing or cars, or maybe you're into breeding German Shepherds? Find a forum on the appropriate topic and interact with the participants? Brag about your progress, comment on other guests' posts, share your secrets, and get advice from the pros. By doing so you will combine your hobby with learning English, which looks like a win-win for you.

5. Check out the Eng blog

There you'll not only practice writing but also find like-minded people and potential pen pals. On the English blog, experienced teachers are happy to answer any questions and share their language learning experiences. You can also have an expert check your essay for errors in the comments. In addition, you can search for similar blogs on the Internet and practice writing yourself.

6. Start a blog in English.

It's a great training ground for determined people who aren't afraid to shine their knowledge on the Internet. Write short posts every day and don't be afraid of discussions; if they praise you, rejoice; if they scold you, learn from your mistakes and keep improving.

7. Write reviews.

Movie buffs and book lovers can write a review about the movie they saw or the book they read. This way you can share your opinion with a huge online audience, as well as start a discussion with like-minded people.

8. Leave comments on interesting Internet materials

Read news and articles related to your passions on the Internet and leave your comments on them. Write your opinion, discuss it with other visitors to the site, etc. That way you'll practice expressing your point of view and presenting your arguments in writing. And you can also write comments on posts or photos on Instagram or any social media.

9. Write complaints to technical support.

Have you noticed some inaccuracy on the English-language site? Try to write a letter to technical support. This is a quite interesting and useful way to practice.

10. Haggle with the sellers at online auctions

Online auctions are a great resource for buying things at attractive prices. Unlike online shopping, here you can communicate directly with the seller of the item. Try to correspond with him and haggle. This way a well-developed writing skill can help you get a good discount.

11. Keep a personal diary.

If you keep a personal diary, try to make entries in it in English. Try to find new words to express your thoughts every day, you will memorize them while writing, and when you reread your notes, you will repeat them.

12. Learn from the master of the pen

If at the end of the day you don't want to hear about any essays, you can use this technique. Choose your favorite book or an interesting blog in English and rewrite a small passage of text in your notebook every day. This exercise is also good in that you minimize the risk of making a mistake.

Do you think it's a boring exercise? Look for materials that you are interested in: beautiful quotes, laws of psychology, excerpts from masterpieces of literature, etc. The main thing is to find an author who writes competently on the Internet, otherwise, you risk rewriting his mistakes.

Fortunately, all the tips on how to learn to write in English are very simple, and the techniques described are available to everyone. Practice, work on your mistakes, and your writing will improve. And if you want to quickly learn how to do different types of writing with a competent tutor, you can check the Reddit essay writing service online. It is always better to have a qualified professional by your side.

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